Friday, September 26, 2008

When is dressing a jar?

I have lost the magazine where I saw this idea. I have done this with plastic spray bottles for diluting cleaning liquids, but it wasn't this pretty. I used a Sharpie to mark lines on an old peanut butter jar to guide kitchen helpers when making salad dressing. Imagine this with those art store glass paints - painting the whole jar except for a bottle silhouette window. I wonder what else I could use this for - limeade ratios? The French press? A glass teapot?


Kay said...

A French friend's mom's recipe for vinaigrette:

Oil like a spendthrift
Vinegar like a miser
Stir like a madwoman

Works for me!

Same family has a little song their grandmother (who must have been born circa 1880) sang after Sunday lunch:

"J'ai bien mange
J'ai bien bu
J'ai la peau de ventre bien tendu
Merci, petit Jesu"

Those are my vinaigrette-related thoughts for the moment.

xoxo Kay

Anonymous said...

Always resourceful, never wasteful.

Wouldn't that make a great family motto on a crest?

Max said...

Oh, Mrs Lear! This would be very useful at my house. But could I have a little help with the ingredients on the left side there? Can't read those...

Many thanks!

Cristina said...

You could get all perty and use that special bake-on paint. I think I have some somewhere at my mom's from an old Martha-by-Mail porcelain decorating kit. I'll scare it up and send it to you when I'm home for Christmas. It would be even nicer to hand it to you while you're visiting your sister there.

kelli ann said...

so in-the-moment of re-using. oh, the possibilities! what a smashing idea. i think my christmas gifts this year are DONE. thank you, Mrs. Lear!!