Monday, September 29, 2008

Photographs and Technology

Look closely at the chairs here. I am thinking of photo transfers appliqued onto pieced landscapes. The photo appliques could be on the inside of one of those quilted carryalls. Every time you open your bag it is like opening one of your own slide shows. I keep thinking of the Mad Men episode about Kodak's Carousel.


Cristina said...

This post photo was opposite a flickr shot of your dark daisies chair--a serendipitous contrast of low and high tech cool. I'm close to starting my Ingo Mauer lamp months now after your post on diy versions.

Kay said...

I've been thinking about photo transfers too! Photo transfers and Dear Jane squares in mini quilts. (And naturally, this leads to Dear Jane squares made OF photo transfers, but that's getting ahead of myself. You know, like the Saks Fifth Avenue bag?)

I look and look and can't find much that I like in the world of photos transferred to quilts. Which makes it very exciting to try and think of something.

Lucy M. said...

is the vera napkin also going to become a photo-transfered or knitted seat cover? please?