Friday, April 4, 2008

House thinking

We had a wonderful time at the beach, and I finished the Central Park Hoodie. I'm going to sew on some buttons and then I'll photograph it. I've been reading about how homes shape people. I'm going to conduct some experiments this weekend on my family.


Kay said...

Welcome home!

I've missed my daily runcible bit.

Tell me which of the books you recommend, as I'm on the same track these days. I have to limit my time taking home tours on Apartment!

Berrysmom said...

You might want to read "A Pattern Language" by Christopher Alexander, an architect who has written extensively about place and its influence on human life.

He also has a web site.

gillie said...

Oh bother, I thought I had posted earlier but it must have got lost in the ether. I've googled and amazoned those books, they look really interesting and I'm intrigued about place,homes and us. I've always thought it was rather like the chicken and egg question, but perhaps I'm wrong. Enjoy your experiments.

Katie said...

nothing better than experiments on unsuspecting victims!