Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Lettuce bag

The new Marie Claire Idees has so many wonderful ideas. This crocheted lettuce bag is stopping my heart. You crochet the leaves and then sew them together! Think of the farmers' market bags you could make using all those wonderful hand-dyed greens!


kelli ann said...

quel joli salade

ça a l'air exquis, délicieux

Anonymous said...

I've GOT to have that pattern! What a beautiful job you did! It looks good enough to eat. :-)

Is the pattern in the magazine or in a book?

Julie Kendall

Kay said...

Oh that's just crazy. In a good way. Reminds me of that knitted bag you were knocking off at one point--remember? Only more vegetal.

I've been looking at the Lotta printing book in the bookstore. Wouldn't my loop of linen fabric (8 feet long) make a great table runner with Lotta printing on it? I might try to arrange a printing party in Philly sometime! xo Kay

weaverknits said...

That is pretty cool. Very cool I like the idea of making it a larger bag in which to carry produce or, say, knitting projects... all my market bags turn into knitting bags...