Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Minimalist cardigan

I'm trying out the Minimalist Cardigan from Interweave Fall 07 with some wool/alpaca. I am thinking more and more about creating environments - how the sunlight falls across the room, where the chairs are, where the cleaning supplies are, what paintings are on the wall.


tina said...

Love the minimalist---- it is on my list but as I have decided the knitting gremlins have replaced the smiling fairies I may have to wait.

Isn't it funny how the change of seasons and the light patterns do shake up creativity of our spaces? I have repainted my family room and am in the mood to make some fresh new linens for the adjoining dining room. Something fresh and airy for the table and a coordinating runner for the coffee table-- replace that heavy runner.

I'll be waiting to see what cleverness comes from your hands!

Karen said...

It seems to me minimalist doesn't necessarily mean a getting rid of stuff but an assessment - as in your "creating environments" - of what we have and why ; the awareness does the culling. I am presently spending time looking around a room at each and every object and seeing if it still makes me feel content. A rug in front of sink in kitchen which I got at a church sale and which has delighted me across many months because the woman I bought it from told me her son had woven it is now ragged in the middle and I've caught foot in it a few times. I've mended it once but, when I gave it an attention gaze today, I decided it was time to let it go. Now my 'rug antenna' are out and I wait on what will show up.