Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Marie Claire Bebe

Mr. Lear brought back a lot of magazines from Europe and among them was a special edition Marie Claire Idees for babies. I could post ideas from this for weeks! I love this little Liberty fabric dress and knitted pink coat.

This decoupaged chest of drawers is lovely too. I think fixing up old things is the best way to be green.


tina said...

Can I just borrow Mr. Lear? Only for those times he returns from Europe with TWO copies of his wonderful things?

Karen said...

I very much like the European look in children's clothing - the use of black, for instance, in sweaters and dresses, usually with some bright touch of embroidery or trimming. And the cut is more architectural - housing the body rather than clinging to it. The Liberty material is also distinctive and classy/classic. Oh, do share more of this! And I agree that "" is building on the 'old'.

gillie said...

I wish my babies would wear the clothes I chose. When did my cute and chic eurobabes develop a wierd love of tatty jeans and dubious scruffy "tops" (I'm not sure they classify as clothes in the normal scheme of things). Once I bought Liberty dresses and cute little french outfits, now I pray their jeans will hold out until the end of the day LOL! Hey ho, my mother tells me she just used to close her eyes when I went out so she didn't do or say something she would later regret and now I wear pearls! Maybe I'll be able to make liberty print dresses for my grandchildren one day instead.