Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Linen idea

I think this is Marie Claire Idees - tiny seashells sewn to linen. Ever since seeing Persuasion I've been thinking of sewing with linen. I think this is a tablecloth - but what about window shades? What about a design on the back of a slipcovered chair? I love these colors.


gillie said...

I love linen both to wear and for the house. I have some beautiful embroidered linen guest towels (but not as lovely as those shells) but small people with filthy hands always seem to get to them first and they take on the appearence of a dishrag in seconds.

Cristina said...

I (heart) baubles!

Kay said...

In Sense & Sensibility on PBS the littlest sister made wonderful things with seashells and string. Curtain-like. Very runcible.

We are mourning that the Austen series is over but quite enjoying the recent Masterpieces (which are just LOADED with curtains and dresses). Last week: Room with a View (not the movie) and this past Sunday, My Boy Jack. For someone who is 11 and learning about the Great War for the first time, this seemed the best way.

xo Kay