Monday, October 1, 2007

World of Interiors review

My favorite knitting, painting, quilting, potting magazine rolled into one - the October issue of The World of Interiors is out.

For knitting - this fishy fabric on the left called "En Rangs Serres" by Nobilis has struck me as a wonderful sweater idea for my little chum - a semi-solid black background with blue and silvery white intarsia sardines? whales? swimming round and round.

I don't know whether to Fair Isle knit these next two around a vest or hand stamp some fabric: Peter Fasano's chunky "Martini"and Galbraith & Paul's kiwi "Mountains" fabrics.

In painting - This rainy backdrop painted by Annie Millar has struck me as the perfect wall mural for a long hallway on the North side of the house.

And for the ceramicist - tiles by the artist Guidette Carbonell based on her daughters' bird drawings decorate her bathroom in Beauce.


Cristina said...

The sardine fabric reminds me of Ayako Miyaki fish applique.

Lynn in Tucson ( said...

Oh! Those tiles are fantastic!