Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Toad eye mask

World of Knitted Toys does not have the toad pattern I'm looking for. He must be just like Toad, but knit from something silky and filled with flaxseed and lavender like Kim Hamlin's eye mask in Handknit Holidays. He will have i-cord legs and embroidered eyes.

Wouldn't it look funny to see someone resting with Toad in his swimsuit across their face? I would also like a cat knit from merino that hangs around your shoulders with a flaxseed pillow insert you can warm.


Cristina said...

Mrs Lear, it's been nothing but Frog and Toad around here for days. I could use that eye mask (and a babysitter). My favorite exasperated cry these days is, "The whole world is covered in buttons and not one of them is mine!"

Mrs. Lear said...

You know we always say we're going to sew buttons all over our jackets when we read that! And we say, "Blah" a lot too. Will have to add yours to our collection.