Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Kawai Kanjiro's house in Kyoto

This beautiful old wooden house belonged to the potter and sculptor Kawai Kanjiro. You naturally whisper here. This is the most wonderful place that we visited in Kyoto. We bumped into the Art Deco Nintendo building on the way, and got lost in an alleyway lined with diminutive mint green washing machines. Afterwards we walked through a cemetery that quietly led to the Kiyomizu Temple side entrance and then out the back gate to hike in the hills. Even in June, there are ways to navigate the city so that you feel you are among dozens of tourists, not thousands.


tina said...

It is so nice to have you back------ welcome home to both you and your intriguing ideas! :)

LynS said...

I love cities that manage to preserve such a human scale in their street-scapes. Old Kyoto is perfect in this regard.