Friday, July 24, 2009

Blue blanket

I've settled on a stash buster blanket project using all the leftover blue I can find: pick two shades, cast on a lot of stitches and join in the round, knit a fair isle pattern or Kaffe pattern or some stripes with a few steak stitches until the yarn is used up. When I have enough rectangles to make a blanket, I'll lay them all out and join them with interesting little odd bits filling in the gaps. Nothing to get bored of, no leftover yarn bits. This is strictly a use what you have project.

The paper hearts are another stab at something I've been thinking about - newsprint templates as applique. I'm imaging a tshirt with a small newsprint fabric cutout heart embroidered right on the front. Imagine if some clipped bits were randomly sewn falling down the front of the shirt. I would leave the edges all raggedy. I can't find the right shape. This is haunting me because I recently bought the Alabama Stitches book and I'm seeing things differently. I like early American embroidery and fraktur decoration and I want to bedazzle it with beads and sequins.

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dust12ma2 said...

I have been enjoying your site for several months now. Beautiful pix and interesting blogs, very inspiring; also excellent links. I had to laugh when you mentioned the tornado siren tests...I live in St. Charles, Mo. They were quite a surprise when I moved here 10 yrs ago. Linzleh