Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Library day

We're having company tomorrow. I have to come up with a dinner menu, and then I have to cook it. (Usually, I come up with the menu, and Mr. Lear cooks it!) So I checked out both of the Barefoot Contessa cookbooks and I'm just going to pick something, shop for it, and make it - sweep the toys into the nursery, put some rosemary in a vase, and pour myself some wine. I once read a story by a Georgetown hostess in which her caterer mixed up the dates and a half hour before cocktails called to give her the bad news. She simply called Popeyes, ordered a ton of fried chicken and biscuits, and placed it in the caterer's silver serving dishes.


Karen said...

Would have been fun to have been at that dinner, don't you think. Good luck with yours.

Kay said...

Nigella Express has a delicious and easy Sake Steak over rice. And I discovered that you can get a tiny can of sake at the wine store, like a soda can.

I'm sure Nigella would have loved the Popeyes, too.

Anonymous said...

I can recommend the green green spring vegetables from Barefoot Contessa at Home. They were delicious. I want to make the chicken with goat cheees and basil but haven't yet. Popeyes got me through law school. Yum

tina said...

anything from Ina is fabulous.

And I would eat Popeye's from just about any sort of serving container. Pour more wine!