Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ball of Fire

I feel a Barbara Stanwyck film festival coming on. Then I'm going to lose this Mrs. Lear schtick and change my name to Sugarpuss, and write songs for my nightclub act and wear sequined dresses. You got that Daddy? At one point in the movie Daddy snarls, "Why don't you knit them eight little sweaters to remember you by?" and I thought, what a great idea - with little sequined labels inside the collars that read, "Hand Knit by Sugarpuss". I'd use very soft heathery alpaca blends and beautiful old leather buttons with short personalized quotes on the turned under hems. 


tina said...

I'm all about it SugarPuss, well except for the sequined labels which might itch like a Bee!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Gary Cooper movie! If you like musicals look for A Song Is Born. Virginia Mayo and Danny Kaye.
Great way to spend a hot August day, old movies and knitting.