Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gansey back complete

I'm knitting away on the front now. I love this Ultra Alpaca - the heathered colors are wonderful, the softness, the warmth! This Olympic knitting project has gone so smoothly (except when I knit the sleeves two at a time and 8" in realized I wasn't increasing and had to frog it all). I've never planned so well for a project. Since the starting time was set for the first day of the Olympics, I took my time swatching, blocking the swatches, gathering the supplies, setting it all up in a picnic tin by my tv chair. I'll have to do this again!


Anonymous said...

All your preparations have paid off: it's lovely!

tina said...

I would only believe that a repeat of planning, organization, and joyful knitting could be pulled off by you Mrs. Lear!!!!

The gansey is most attractive indeed!