Thursday, October 22, 2009

Electronic books and knits

All this talk of ebook screens and digital content makes me think of Neal Stephenson's Diamond Age and William Blakes' graphic novels if he printed them today. Would Thoureau have a blog? (One of his friends wrote that he would have starved in Walden if his mother and sister hadn't brought food out for him every few days! Where did I read that?) I love steampunk - that spot where handmade/DIY and hacked technology meet because of the need for customization, for the love of an inexpensive solution, or all that and a desire to knit with electrical cord and conductive thread and fashion ceramic squash blossom gramophones.


Kymm said...

I went to high school with Neal Stephenson. He showed no signs of being the novelist he's become way back then, but he's done himself proud.

Dark Puss said...

Found you via today's post on Cornflower. I noted you liked steampunk wondered if you knew of the wonderful model Kato and her contribution to steampunk fashion?