Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Budgie knitting

We have a new pet, a sweet little budgie. At night we cover his cage with a shawl, but I may have to knit a cover. I like the idea of doing something from Kaffe Fassett's Pattern Library. I am also thinking of dyeing sock yarn in budgie colors  - a beautiful marigold to begin the toe that matches his beak, followed by white and grey for the stripes on his face and  a little bit of violet for the stripes across his cheeks - then blue and black and white and finally black and a dark turquoise for his tail - budgie socks. 

I just saw Ann Weaver's post about her Christmas ornament patterns in the new Interweave Holiday issue. I am going to have to make that pinecone for our tree! I also love the Nordic Striped Ball.

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Kay said...

Welcome wee Budgie! And so nice (and appropriate) to see the Flying Geese blanket!