Friday, September 18, 2009

The Truffle Hunter

There is a page in The Truffle Hunter where a domesticated pig discovers a cave filled with paintings of her ancestors on the walls. I'm going to use the pig and warthog patterns from Knitted Toys to make some of the characters. I would love to wrap it in brown paper covered in pastel cave paintings.

I've been thinking a lot about last weekend's New York Times article on happiness. Even more interesting was the FT's article about the French commission re-evaluating what data determine their GDP. I keep hearing a quote from the commission head Professor Stiglitz, "What we measure affects what we do." 

That quote would make a great gift - engraved on a big metal tape measure or painted on a tiny sewing tape measure. It would make a wonderful Arts and Crafts mantel motto - a still life of old rulers and yard sticks and a huge wooden compass thingy and a clock would be so beautiful with the quote carved in wood or painted on tile - what (and how) we measure affects what we do!


Kay said...

The article on happiness really resonated with me, and I loved the illustrations!

What we measure; yes indeed. Weight Watchers should put that on embroidery kits, pedometers and serving spoons!

Mereknits said...

Great idea about the pig. I have that book and made the gorilla for a young girl many years ago. It turned out great and she loved it. Good luck.

JANET said...

I've been reading about Einstein, and this wonderful quote reminded me of a reference in Jeffrey Bernstein's book about Einstein using clocks and rulers to illustrate the theory of relativity.

Maybe you could work in a tiny Einstein with lots of fuzzy hair?