Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Nigel Cabourn

There was an article in the NYTimes Magazine on Nigel Cabourn. A lot of people know the menswear designer for his 2003 collection when he recreated some of the clothing worn on Sir Edmund Hillary's Everest expedition. One piece is based on a photo of an explorer wearing his sweater inside-out and backwards. I like this year's collection based on a 1924 expedition. The original clothing, pictured in photo, was a mixture of military and hiking pieces. Cabourn's web site is beautiful with special collections and inspiration photos. I was thinking of Teva Durham's vest and how that would look in a tweedy yarn with a funky wool lining. Give me microfiber with a good dose of tweed!


Kay said...

I love it when you post two days in a row!

The Cabour stuff is so inspiring for handknits. The idea of s sweater based on an inside out/backward sweater is so exciting. Could be so cool--like engineering fair isle to look maximally cool on the WRONG side, which looks so cool to begin with. Imagine! Also an indented patch of stockinette where the label gos, and of course the label itself, or something that recalls a label.

Get out the graph paper, stat!

JANET said...

Very cool. How could one do it without it looking too puffy-down coat/eighties, I wonder?