Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Time to cook!

I've been reading books about time. Michael Pollan's New York Times Magazine article this Sunday fits well with Stefan Klein's The Secret Pulse of Time. How do you spend your time?


Barbara said...

Time!?! I can't seem to catch it these days. I have my job, our DS & DIL are home from Montana for a visit, all my sewing and knitting projects call out, my daily prompt writing and novel rewriting waves from the corner desk, plus I have a lovely husband whose birthday is today. He deserves my attention too. Time! I can't find any.

KT said...

Thanks for two very interesting links! The article about cooking reinforces several thoughts I've had lately. Fascinating!

RevLinda said...

I read MP in the NYT as well. I loved the way he linked TV cooking to improving his life (and his mom's cooking)! My daughter loves to watch "Dear Genevieve (sp?)" and then reaarange our house. Then she watches Rachel Ray and creates something in the kitchen with Daddy. Our time is precious and we've found those shows are fun "jump off" points.