Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Ideas for rugs

On the left is a Vanessa Bell painting adapted for needlepoint in Melinda Coss's Bloomsbury Needlepoint and on the right is a rug designed by Duncan Grant. I think both would make wonderful hooked rugs - even a single panel of Grant's rug would be a wonderful runner. Ann Wiseman's book has lots of wonderful advice on hooked rugs including a section on inspiration: "adapt from the masters, beg from the innocent, borrow from the past, steal shadows". I especially love the designs inspired by enlarged coin rubbings and old playing cards.


Kay said...

How come you find cool books like this and all I find are naff Country Kitchen ones????????

LOVE THAT DUNCAN GRANT RUG. Make the whole thing! In panels! The leafy bit, and the bit with the blue vase, are my favorites. Matisse-y!

xoxo Kay

kelli ann said...

Bloomsbury. i want to travel more, like right now.