Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Kimono robe

This is the Nani Iro fabric from way back that became a bedspread and is now a little bathrobe. I lined it with terrycloth and it is divine. I will post finished picture this week. I saw Super Eggplant has this fabric pattern in a stretch knit in red and white. I can see the danger of going all "Nani Iro" in Japan and coming back with suitcases of gorgeous fabric. I've been wanting to make some little sundress tunic things to wear over jeans with a little cardigan and this Heather Ross pattern is perfect - I have the Nani Iro fabric she is wearing!


tut-tut said...

looking forward to seeing the finished kimono. thanks for including the links.

Cristina said...

Elastic thread is on my mind, too. I have a Target Massimo blouse with elastic thread smocking at the neckline that I bought at the end of the summer and I'm only just starting to wear it now; It's very flattering and I need to replicate in every cute fabric I have on hand to go with cropped pants for my summer uniform. Maybe I'll do one for each day of the week and embroider the day somewhere inconspicuous on each blouse.

word: hechabi