Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kimono robe

It turned out just as I hoped - and I mean turned out literally because I used an old Threads issue on linings with directions for sewing the lining to the fabric and then performing Houdini contortions (on the robe) to turn it out properly! I still need to sew along the edges and make some kind of loop inside the neck. The photo is taken in our former dining room which we now refer to as the Japan Room. Inspired by our school's Around the World Week, we removed most of the furniture and brought out all our gifts from Japan. We also have a map, library books, and origami paper. 


Gale said...

It's so cute. Love the Japanese theme.

Cornflower said...

What a brilliant idea to have a Japan Room, even if only temporarily! I do like the robe, too.