Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Three persimmons are all I managed to claim from our tree. Like rude children, the squirrels take one bite of every fruit. Persimmons are plentiful at the market right now and I am eager to try this bread recipe on David Lebovitz's blog. I am casting about for another baby sweater project and working hard on mittens. I really like Rowan's Felted Tweed for mittens with bits of Silkywool thrown in.


tut-tut said...

Three: a magic number. Thanks for the link, too.

knitinsage said...

i'm a little embarrassed but your autumn harvest wreath inspired me to some quick wreathing here in socal. hope you don't mind that i linked to you -- no one reads my new blog, but i had to footnote my source.
your wreath is just lovely.
so's my front door, now!

Emma in France said...

HI, I came here via Mason/Dixon but wanted to say that persimmons (aka sharon fruit) are one of my favourite fruits. They were in my local supermarket recently for about two weeks and then they were gone. I managed to eat quite a few in that short time though.

tess said...

Persimmons. Through an amazing set of circumstances, I found myself in Beijing last month. While walking down a side street, I passed a fruit market and was stopped by a glimpse of persimmons. Persimmons always remind me of my dad, who used to mail them to me after the first frost, wherever I was, back in the days when most US supermarkets had nothing but iceberg lettuce and Delicious apples. As I reached for one, the fruit seller motioned for me to wait. I was a bit startled since her Chinese customers were pawing through other fruit for themselves, but she carefully went through all the persimmons and pulled out a nice, soft, perfectly ripe one and smilingly offered it to me. She probably thought as a westerner, I would have no idea what ripe was. A moment of deep sweetness that bridged our lack of common language, or at least of words.