Monday, July 30, 2007

Vampires in Budapest

The record-breaking weather in Budapest as well as our jet lag led us into a kind of vampire existence - we roamed the city at night and then tucked ourselves into darkness during the harsh hours of daylight. Our first night out we met up with friends at the Szechenyi Baths. We enjoyed the waterfall, the whirlpool, the bubbly springs and the jacuzzi centerpiece. When they closed at 10pm they played a Hungarian song from the 1950s that sounds just like the Chipmunks. It is a nice way to let everyone know it is time to withdraw! We pulled on our clothes and soggily went out into the night making our way down Andrassy utca, past bench after bench of locals out catching the slight breeze while their apartments cooled. We enjoyed a round of citrom Fantas and a package of sandwich cookies. I don't know the last time I walked home from the pool with wet hair drinking soda and eating snacks!

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