Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Arriving in Salzburg we were shocked to feel chilly! There are bells ringing all the time - every 15 minutes and everyone carries a musical instrument around. The Fortress Museum is very nice, especially the room dedicated to puppets. Most of the rooms display weapons and armor. Mr. Lear got a bullseye on his very first shot with a crossbow. Not realizing he has had years of virtual medieval weapon practice, the munitions fraulein exclaimed, "very impressive!" - just like a Bond girl.

Our nicest meals of the trip were here under the chestnut trees in the beer garden. The coolest afternoons were spent drawing and painting in the parks. We stayed at Haus Wartenberg, a big old house a little outside downtown. We had a large room at the top of the house with windows all across it and we watched a storm blow in over the mountains. The day we left we heard music. It sounded too real to be a stereo, and yet it was too big to be real. Sure enough, stuffed into the livingroom was an orchestra rehearsing in shorts.

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