Monday, November 30, 2009

Felted Autumn leaf

This is the dish rag pattern in Frappe Merino and felted to death. I love the way these colors felt. I'm going to knit a bunch for coasters - coffee, tea, wine blends right in.


Virginia said...

That. Is. AWESOME!

I like.

Now, must get off butt and make a leaf dishcloth thingy.

Darci said...

these so to find some felting wool...Loving this.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Lear,

I'm so glad to hear from you again. I imagined that you were experimenting with variations on Thanksgiving know, things like agave nectar-sweetened ginger whipped cream.

And, speaking of coasters that hide stains--I plan to make multiples of the "coffee clutch" coffee cup sleeve pattern from Knitted Gifts. I'm using washable wool in shades of brown to hide coffee stains.


Anonymous said...

ohsogorgeous. cheers, and wishing you & yours a very happy holiday season ;-)