Friday, November 6, 2009

Electric mittens

I finally got my conductive thread and LEDs. A couple weeks ago I was inspired by Fio's electric mitts and reminded of Eleanor Kent's electro-luminescence pieces.  I want the mittens to light up the constellations when they touch, but I also want the batteries to run a hand warmer or a little radio or something. 

In other "projects with wires" news, ceramic gramophone 1.0 was bisqued and does not work. As soon as I dig up a styrofoam cone I'll roll out 2.0 thinner and more Georgia O'Keefe-ish.


Cristina said...

Fantastic! I'm thinking of another knitted curtain for the kitchen and one that would glow faintly for anyone entering the room in the middle of the night for a glass of water, milk, or whiskey would be very helpful.

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RevLinda said...

I enojoy your blog so much and just wanted to say...I'm figuring out part of the reason why is you are Berkeley. I am Berkeley. (BHS class of 79). And you are MIL is Catharine Hiersoux (Porcelain on Colusa). And we both love MDK. The knitting world gives me comfort!