Monday, June 8, 2009

Drawstring bag

I am working on a drawstring backpack for Japan from Lexie Barnes's Sew What! Bags. I did not find the crinkled waterproof silk I have in my mind, but I did find some waterproof gray linen and some glittery white linen for the lining.  I used a seam tape maker to fold strips into drawstrings. I look forward to blogging about Japan when we return in July. Enjoy Summer!


Anonymous said...

Good tip - I must remember to use my seam tape makers for more than "just bias tape".

Happy summer!

Cristina said...

Bon voyage, Mme. Lear!

word verification: mambl (which rhymes with ramble which I hope you'll do in Japan)

mariko said...

You are going to have SUCH a great time!!!