Monday, April 27, 2009

Custom jumbo crayon

I saw this jumbo Crayola ballpoint pen at Flax this weekend. It has a nice weight in your hand. I couldn't decide between a purple crayon like Harold's or a bright red crayon, and so I bought blue. Imagine customizing the purple Crayola pen with a purple ballpoint refill and using it for doodling - or giving the red Crayola pen a red ink refill for editing papers. What a graduation present! Next I need to choose a color name and print a transparent sticker: indigo, midnight blue, denim, bleu, Kind of Blue??? 


heather t said...

cerulean - my fave!

Cristina said...

I posted something blue today, too. My word verification word below is "foozoid."

Katie said...

Fantastic! They definitely need to be filled with an appropriate refill, though.