Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring Twist Collective blanket

The Spring edition of Twist Collective has so many beautiful, wearable sweater and sock patterns! Mary Jane Mucklestone's Fair Isle vest is the answer to my All Creatures Great and Small pining. The article on painting your own lace by Linda Whiting has loads of good solid advice. And the Poffertjes blanket by Megan Rogers is just crying out to me for a Sonia Delaunay treatment as in the above painted silk swatches from Sonia Delaunay - Fashion and Fabrics (Damase). There's another swatch with marigold and bronze circles on a silver background. Can you see this in some Alchemy silk purse?


meg said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love the colors in the fabric swatches- I can't wait to see the blanket in such beautiful colorways!

Cristina said...

You zeroed in on exactly the project that's calling to me from the Spring Twist, naturally.

Mary Jane said...

I thank you my dear! And now to get that book that I now covet. In the old days before ATMs my wait in the long line was relieved by a Sonia Delaunay print, oddly nailed to a column in my bank.