Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mardi Gras socks get their feet off the ground

I've been using my clay scraps to make little leaves to hold spoons on the stove, teaspoons of spices. They serve as dessert plates for tiny piles of cookies. They can hold jewelry or knitting markers. 

And here the Mardi Gras socks are just about to run out of green Smooshy leftover from last year's St. Patrick's socks. I could only find a few yards of the right yellow to be the oxalis clover flower on the right toe. I'm going to stripe the rest with leftover bits of grey and light green and blue to match the buds on all the trees against the sky.

1 comment:

Ivywindow said...

Those leaves are lovely. I love it when form and function come together to happily.