Friday, January 10, 2014

Quay scarf

This is the Quay scarf from Brooklyn Tweed knit in a little over four skeins of "Old World" Shelter worsted weight. I used a #5 needle. There are so many BT patterns I want to knit.

My New Year's resolution is to write down a dinner menu for every evening, simply: mon=eggs; tue=pasta, wed=crepes, thu=burgers, fri=pizza.

Mr. Lear has excused himself from meat courses and sugar, which adds a slight challenge: wed=crepes/ham+mushrooms, thu=burgers/lentils. When one person at the table depends on vegetables and legumes, we all become more omnivorous.

Dessert is very interesting without sugar. A beautiful pear on an antique wooden plate with a small paring knife and a linen napkin would be very beautiful with a small glass of dessert wine. It is very poetic and thoughtful, but it is not a brownie.

Dessert without sugar feels very Little House on the Prairie: maple syrup on snow and cookies sweetened with molasses. I want dessert to be as much a part of the meal as the conversation. I want us all to be at table together. Please give me your dessert ideas.


Mereknits said...

I use agave, do you have it near you? It is easily substituted for any recipe sweetened with honey.
Good Luck,

Anonymous said...

Hmm. What about brownies AND a pear -- so that people can take one or the other or both? I've been thinking about baked apples, which could probably done without sugar.

Anonymous said...

Medjool dates and cinnamon tea?