Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Luxury brand rice crispie treats

I meant to take a beautiful close up of these white chocolate rice crispie treats, but I only managed to snap a shot of this little pinch of a piece. This is David Lebovitz's famous white chocolate and candied peanut rice krispie recipe. He managed to take a wonderful photograph before they were gobbled up. I was brave and managed to make my own candied peanuts as well! No pots or utensils were harmed in this process!


Virginia said...

My tummy just growled.

kelli ann said...

MMmmmmmmmmm.... i actually made the candied peanuts this weekend:: (and cashews and almonds) -- and believe that the Rice Krispie squares would be just diviiine. Can *not* stop eating them, those caramelly-salty nuts.