Monday, December 29, 2008

They are fine

We made these potato doughnuts last week. Towards the end of the batch we tired of rolling out the dough and cutting doughnut shapes. I liked the way the little blobs of dough we threw in at the end turned out best.


meegan said...

My word! Your stovetop is so clean! Wow! The doughnuts look yummy -- I've never made them but they are on my to-make list this year.

knitinsage said...


mrs. lear - you inspired me with your autumn wreath, and then challenged me to think a bit about a winter wreath, socal-style. i reached into the bargain runcible bin (being low on creativity and time these days) and came up with a really quick xmas wreath modification -- documented here on my blog

i wanted to let you know, since you are the one who got me thinking about a different approach to the xmas wreath.

happy new year, and i love reading your blog.

xoxo, elise